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Making an Awesome Career in Interior Designing


Making an Awesome Career in Interior Designing

admin / February 4, 2019

Have you spent your teenage dreaming about what an amazing Interior Designer you’d become? If so, this article is for you. With rapid urbanization and shrinking spaces, Interior Designers are in high demand. They are responsible for organizing the spaces in the best possible manner. The limited space is to be arranged in such a way that it is lively, spacious and comfortable at the same time. Generally, Interior designers are closely working with Architects to design an area in the best possible fashion.

What does it take to become an Interior Designer?

Interior Designers have to stay updated of the ongoing market trends. Moreover, they should have a sound knowledge of the quality of material that is used for construction. From the material used for fittings to make sure the furniture is in contrast with the colours of the wall, an Interior Designer has to pay detailed attention to everything. Furthermore, they also need to take care of the budget constraints of the client. Besides the fact that they have to design and map of the area, an Interior Designer is also responsible for executing the designed plan.

Apart from designing a place that is nothing but barren land, they should also know how to make an already built place better. From renovating to the extension of a residential or commercial property, an Interior Designer should know it all. They are responsible for utilizing the area, mapping the floor plan, finalizing the furniture, contrasting the color scheme and doing the decorations.

What is the eligibility criterion to become an Interior Designer?

With the popularity of Interior Designing, more and more students are now interested in this field. There are multiple professional courses for students who want to build a career in Interior Designing. Students, who are aspiring to become Interior Designers in future, can choose a course that teaches the nitty-gritty of the very stream. To be eligible to get into one of the institutes for Interior Designing, a student should have completed schooling (10+2). Most institutions also have an entrance test to examine the drawing and designing skills of a student. Candidates, who have been designing earlier, are advised to maintain a portfolio, which might just come handy while you’re applying for the course in Interior Designing.

Most of the Interior Designing programs are facilitated by polytechnic or private institutions and are either certificate courses or diploma programs. Candidates, who are planning to pursue Interior Designing as a career in the near future, can sign up for courses in India or Abroad. Applicants from different streams can apply for a diploma or a certificate course in Interior Designing. Once you graduate in Interior Designing, you can eventually study further and gain expertise in the field.

Finding the job!

If you’re still wondering whether or not you fit in the role of an Interior Designer, you probably need to make sure how much you love this job. Anyone who is passionate about making a career in this filed should have creative skills and a passion to bring boring spaces to life!

Furthermore, good communication skills, originality, market research would add to your profile and make you an even better Interior Designer.

What separates professional courses like Interior Designing from theoretical courses is the practical exposure this subject demands. It is always advisable to back your diploma with a few internships at the beginning that increases your chances of landing up in a good job in future. Even if a student is not planning to take up a job but wants to start his/ her own business, some professional experience would only add to his learning.  We believe that you now have a clear idea as to how you can build an awesome career in Interior Designing. Leverage Edu is a AI based platform which will help you match with experts from the same Industry and help you build awesome careers.

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